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Spolin Law takes on a limited number of clients each year and devotes significant resources to the comprehensive, full-scale defense of each client.  From legal motions to hiring private investigators to in-court advocacy, we fight for our clients through every legal method.

     Aaron Spolin
     Arlene Binder, Of Counsel
     Frank Mackey, Independent Investigator
     Rachel Silber, Criminal and Civil Rights Law Clerk

Former Prosecutor and Award-Winning Trial Attorney


Attorney Aaron Spolin

Spolin Law’s founder, Aaron Spolin, is a former prosecutor and award-winning trial attorney. He has achieved successful outcomes on hundreds of criminal cases, from petty theft to murder. Before becoming a criminal defense and civil rights attorney, he served as an Assistant District Attorney in New York City, Bronx County.

At the District Attorney’s Office, Aaron was assigned to the economic crimes bureau, where he managed some of the office’s more complex cases. He also served as trial counsel on a high-profile murder case—which he won—that was prosecuted in conjunction with the office’s Gangs & Major Cases bureau. Throughout his career, Aaron has also filed hundreds of legal motions regarding suppression of evidence and Constitutional rights. Aaron is the recipient of various awards for his advocacy, including the American College of Trial Lawyer’s Medal for Excellence in Oral Advocacy as well as Princeton University’s Lynde Prize.

Aaron received his B.A. from Princeton University and his J.D. from U.C. Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall). He is a former member of California Law Review.

Over a Decade of Successful Advocacy, From Federal Court to the Streets of Los Angeles

Aaron has a long history of fighting for fairness in the criminal justice system. He is the author of the Princeton thesis Reforms for the Process of Eyewitness Identifications in Criminal Trials, which discusses the leading cause of wrongful convictions in the United States. He also co-wrote the Harvard Law School Public Interest Office’s advocacy guide Serving Immigrants and Refugees, first published in 2006.

Aaron’s past experience includes working for Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin, for the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, and as an advocate for the East Bay Community Law Center. Before studying law, he worked as a business consultant for McKinsey & Company.

A Veteran of Criminal Defense and the District Attorney’s Office

Attorney Arlene Binder, Of Counsel

Attorney Arlene Binder serves as Of Counsel at Spolin Law. She was a Deputy District Attorney for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office before becoming a defense attorney. Arlene has practiced criminal defense in Los Angeles County for over 20 years. She has handled hundreds of misdemeanors and felonies, and her primary focus is high-profile and major felony cases.

Arlene has a track record of successful outcomes, including suppression of illegal evidence as a result of legal motions, case dismissals and reductions, and not-guilty verdicts at trial. She received her B.A. degree from Antioch College and her J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law.

A Large Team of Investigators and Experts for Complex and High-Stakes Cases

Spolin Law contracts with outside investigators and experts when such help will strengthen a client’s case. Private investigators and analysts can examine crime scenes, interview witnesses, and analyze physical evidence to find material that the prosecution may be unwilling or unable to discover. Moreover, subject-matter experts (including, for example, psychiatrists or forensic accountants) can testify at trial to counter the prosecution’s experts and provide a more balanced opinion of what occurred.

Spolin Law’s preferred investigator is Frank Mackey, who is an independent contractor retained by Spolin Law on a case-by-case basis.  Frank has over 30 years of experience investigating criminal cases.  He is a member of the Superior Court Panel of Licensed Investigators.  Frank’s investigative work has proved crucial in a large number of cases.

Our firm retains these outside experts because they further our core philosophy: strength at trial is your best defense. The team we assemble for each case ensures that—as much as possible—our clients can negotiate from a position of strength. And, should a trial become necessary, we will maximize the chances of winning.

The firm’s Criminal and Civil Rights Law Clerk is Rachel Silber.  Rachel, a Calabasas native, is committed to serving those who may be marginalized or rejected by society. Her work for Spolin Law is inspired by the idea that every person—no matter what he or she is accused of doing—deserves to be treated with basic human dignity and respect.

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