Los Angeles County Bail Schedules – Felony and Misdemeanor

Posted on Monday, July 17th, 2017 at 6:23 pm    

Los Angeles County maintains a “schedule” (i.e., a list) of the amount of bail recommended for various criminal charges.  You can use these lists to look up how much bail your judge will likely offer.  You should also know that bail is not always set at the amount listed in the schedule; sometimes the judge will set a higher or lower bail amount and may offer “OR release” without bail.  Spolin Law’s Complete Guide to Bail explains how bail is set and how to fight for a lower bail amount.

Los Angeles County Felony Bail Schedule PDF:

Los Angeles County Felony Bail Schedule

Los Angeles County Misdemeanor and Infraction Bail Schedule PDF:

Los Angeles County Infraction and Misdemeanor Bail Schedule

Reducing, Paying, or Eliminating Your Bail

To learn more about how you can reduce, pay, or eliminate your bail, read the Spolin Law Complete Guide to Bail.

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