Federal Crimes

Fighting federal criminal charges is considered significantly more challenging than fighting equivalent state charges. Federal prosecutors are more thorough and meticulous, federal judges are prevented from giving low sentences in many cases, and federal court involves more formality and written motions. For these reasons, a defendant’s choice of lawyer is all the more important.

Spolin Law’s success handling federal cases is based on our founding attorney’s experience, which handling complex cases in various courts from New York to California. Criminal defense and civil rights attorney Aaron Spolin is a former Assistant District Attorney who has handled a wide array of complicated and high-stakes cases at the District Attorney’s Office, from fraud to murder. Additionally, before becoming a prosecutor, Aaron drafted legal opinions and memoranda while working for federal judge in federal district court. He is also a former member of California Law Review and has experience filing hundreds of legal motions regarding suppression of evidence and Constitutional rights.

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Most Common Federal Cases We Handle:

  • Federal Fraud Charges
  • Federal Drug Charges
  • Postal Theft
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