[Update 1/31/17: The below article announces the November 2016 negotiation of two dismissals for Spolin Law P.C. clients. Since the publication of this article, both cases have been formally dismissed.]

November 30, 2016. Spolin Law P.C. is pleased to announce two negotiated dismissals on significant cases within a two-day span.

On the first case, a Spolin Law P.C. client was facing felony charges in Riverside County for allegedly violating Penal Code section 136.1(c)(1) (“Felony Threats to a Witness”). This charge would have been punishable by state prison for two, three, or four years. Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Aaron Spolin, a former prosecutor, is representing the client and took a “trial focused” approach from day one. He communicated to the assigned Deputy District Attorney an unwillingness to settle for anything less than an outright dismissal, given the client’s clean record and the likelihood of a defense verdict at trial.

Based on this trial-focused approach, the Deputy District Attorney agreed to dismiss the case as long as the client provides letters of reference from members of the community regarding the client’s character, which Spolin Law P.C. will help the client to do. The next court date is coming up next month. A case dismissal means that there will be no criminal record.

Two days prior to this negotiated dismissal, Spolin Law P.C. also negotiated the pending dismissal of a misdemeanor case in Los Angeles County. The client was charged with violating Business and Professions Code section 25661 (“Using a Forged Identification Card”). Mr. Spolin also personally represented this client and negotiated a dismissal, which will occur after the client completes twenty hours of community service at an organization of the client’s choosing. The dismissal will result in no criminal record for this client as well.

These results are based on Spolin Law P.C.’s comprehensive approach to criminal defense. Every legal step is taken to achieve a fair outcome for clients. This includes preparing each case for trial so that negotiations with the prosecutor’s office can be carried out from a position of relative strength.

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