Earlier today Spolin Law P.C. secured the dismissals of two separate cases in Van Nuys Courthouse.

The client had been charged with two drug-related crimes in 2014. At that time she had pled guilty on both cases, was granted probation, and had agreed to come back to court regularly for court-ordered updates. However, she then left the state of California without the court’s permission, seeking a better life for herself in Nevada. Because she had left California and did not show up in court on her check-in dates, the court had ordered a bench warrant for her arrest. A bench warrant is a warrant seeking a person’s arrest due to a failure to come to court.

Since that time — and despite the warrants — the client had rebuilt her life in Nevada. She opened a successful business and started a halfway house to help others recovering from drug addiction. She had turned her life around; nonetheless, she still worried about the open warrants.

The client hired Spolin Law P.C. to represent her on these cases. While the client remained in Nevada, attorney Aaron Spolin represented her in Van Nuys Superior Court. Mr. Spolin presented to the judge a number of documents showing the client’s successful rehabilitation and argued for the judge to not only remove the warrants but also to dismiss the two underlying cases. This client had proven that she overcame her addiction and deserved the chance to start over with a clean criminal record.

After considering the documents presented and hearing the arguments, the judge granted Mr. Spolin’s request. He “quashed” the warrants and dismissed both cases. Under the law used for the dismissals, the former convictions will now be completely removed from the client’s record. As Penal Code section 1210.1(e)(1) states: “the arrest and the conviction shall be deemed never to have occurred.”

The client, who remained outside of California throughout Spolin Law P.C.’s representation, is now free of these former convictions and associated bench warrants.

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