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Texas’s Best: Aaron Spolin Ranked as One of Texas’s Top 10 Law Firms for Criminal Law

Published on January 16, 2022

Attorney Aaron Spolin Named One of “10 Best” Criminal Lawyers in Texas

Spolin Law P.C. is pleased to announce that lead attorney Aaron Spolin has been named one of the “10 Best” criminal law attorneys in Texas.

The impartial third-party attorney rating organization American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys (AIOCLA) selected Mr. Spolin for its 2021 “10 Best in Criminal Law in Texas” list for exceptional and outstanding client services. However, there are several other criteria that contributed to Mr. Spolin being selected for this award.

Selection Criteria for “10 Best” Award

The American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys has a high standard for selecting the top criminal law attorneys in each state. They select lawyers based on the following:

  • 10/10 in Client Satisfaction
  • Top Rated
  • Industry Leaders
  • No Unresolved Complaints
  • Awards
  • Associations
  • Publications
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Education and Continuing Education

The criminal defense lawyers who receive this award must be highly rated and actively engaged in the legal community in order for them to receive this award.

The AIOCLA Award Means Top Legal Assistance and Premier Customer Service

The American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys “10 Best” Award indicates a lawyer provides top legal assistance and the best customer service. The AIOCLA is an “impartial third-party attorney rating service and invitation-only legal organization recognizing excellence in practitioners in the field.” There are six divisions in which attorneys may qualify, with Criminal Law being one of them.

This prestigious honor requires that each attorney must:

  • Be nominated by the Institute, a client, and/or a fellow attorney
  • Have attained the highest degree of professional achievement in the field of law
  • Achieve an impeccable Client Satisfaction rating

The Institute points out that “[m]any attorneys can achieve high degrees of success, but this is oftentimes at the expense or satisfaction of the most important person in the case — the client.” The AIOCLA awards attorneys that have achieved unparalleled success for the benefit of their clients. Membership in this category is an exclusive honor and is only extended to a select few who have reached the top of their professions while putting the client first.

Contact Attorney Aaron Spolin and Spolin Law P.C. for Your Criminal Case

The AIOCLA “10 Best in Criminal Law in Texas” award helps clients make educated decisions when it comes to choosing an attorney. Clients who select Spolin Law P.C. can know that they will get top criminal defense and criminal appeals legal assistance as well as premier customer service.

To speak with Texas criminal appeals attorney Aaron Spolin and the award-winning legal team at Spolin Law P.C. contact us at (310) 424-5816 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation of your case. With offices conveniently located in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, we are accessible throughout Texas.

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