About Spolin Law P.C.’s Civil Rights Practice

Aaron Spolin

Spolin Law P.C. is led by award-winning appeals attorney and former prosecutor Aaron Spolin. One of his most recent successful outcomes was on a murder case sent to the state’s highest court.

Spolin Law P.C. provides full-service representation to select clients on civil rights issues. We work on cases involving a violation of Constitutional or statutory rights carried out by a government entity. Cases frequently involve a demand for a law enforcement agency to change its practices, take a specific action, and/or a request for monetary damages to compensate for damages suffered.

Spolin Law P.C. is led by civil rights and criminal defense attorney Aaron Spolin, who is an award-winning former prosecutor. Prior to serving as an Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Spolin worked for federal district court judge Shira Scheindlin, advocated for indigent clients at the East Bay Community Law Center, and served as a member of California Law Review. He is also the recipient of the American College of Trial Lawyers’ Medal for Excellence in Oral Advocacy as well as other awards for his outstanding legal work.

To learn more about former prosecutor Aaron Spolin, including successful case outcomes and other awards and honors, read the About Us page. We are available at (310) 424-5816.

Common Civil Rights Cases We Handle Include:


The Cost/Price of Civil Rights Representation

Spolin Law P.C. civil rights cases involve an hourly fee with a “retainer fund” deposited by the client. This means that the client will deposit a moderate amount of money upfront (the “retainer fund”), and the firm will deduct money from the retainer as hours are billed on the case.

Spolin Law P.C. does not take a portion of the money won by a client at the end of a civil rights case. Taking a portion of the money won is called a “contingency fee,” which Spolin Law P.C. does not do.


Clients who prefer a “contingency fee” arrangement are best suited seeking out another law firm that works on contingency. Clients who prefer to pay hourly and then receive 100% of any money won are best suited retaining Spolin Law P.C., as are clients who would prefer the high level of personal service and zealous representation that Spolin Law P.C. delivers to each client.

Our Strategies on Civil Rights Cases

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Spolin Law P.C. is one of the leading criminal appeals and post-conviction firms in the nation.

Spolin Law P.C. advocates for its clients with every available legal method. Some strategies we employ on civil rights cases can include:

  • Lawsuits for Money Damages
  • Equitable Suits for Injunctive Relief
  • Relief Sought from Administrative Agencies
  • Demand Letters
  • Legal Writs & Other Appellate Filings
  • Other methods as may be appropriate

Due to the large amount of effort and attention Spolin Law P.C. gives to each civil rights client, the firm is selective in accepting civil rights cases.

To learn whether our firm may be a good fit for your case, please give us a call at (310) 424-5816. Initial consultations are free of charge.