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Standing accused of any type of drug crime can be a daunting experience. The use and possession of illegal drugs are crimes pursued vigorously by California law enforcement. The manufacturing of drugs is another type of serious crime that state authorities also do not take lightly. An experienced drug manufacturing defense lawyer understands the legal framework surrounding this type of charge and can fight to diminish the potential consequences you are facing.

If the state of California has filed the charge of manufacturing drugs against you, it’s important to have a highly skilled and strong advocate on your side to mount a defense that gives you the best opportunity for a favorable outcome in your case. At Spolin Law P.C., we can review the facts of your case and formulate the most effective defense possible on your behalf. To get started, call (310) 424-5816 today or use our contact form to request a free consultation with a Los Angeles drug attorney.

Manufacturing Defined — Health & Safety Code 11379.6

In accordance with Health & Safety Code (HSC) 11379.6, producing, manufacturing, processing, or compounding any type of controlled substance is unlawful. Most of the time these activities that violate California drug cultivation laws involve the process of compressing marijuana resin into hashish or cooking meth. Some common examples of manufacturing drugs include the mixing of precursor chemicals used to make other narcotics and operating a meth lab.

Most often, the offense of manufacturing drugs is charged as a felony crime. Penalties can include lengthy prison time, significant fines, and extensive probationary sentences. If the location of drug manufacturing or processing is in close proximity to children (i.e. schools are playgrounds), or if a person was injured or killed in the process of manufacturing, you may face additional prison time.

Penalties for Manufacturing Drugs

HSC 11379.6, California’s law against the manufacture of controlled substances is designated as a felony and carries penalties that include:

  • Three, five, or seven years in county jail
  • $50,000 maximum fine

Simply making an offer to manufacture drugs is also charged as a felony and carries a sentence of three, four, or five years in county jail. If children are present in, living in, or suffer harm in the location or dwelling where you manufactured drugs are narcotics, a consecutive jail term of five years may be added to the standard sentence.

Additional prison time may be imposed when one or more of the following are true:

  • You have prior drug-related convictions
  • You are convicted of manufacturing a large amount of any substance that contains methamphetamines, PCP, or GHB
  • You are convicted of manufacturing PCP or meth and you also cause another person to incur significant bodily injury or death
  • You engage in a certain activity that precipitates the commission of other related offenses

Possible Defenses Against Manufacturing Drugs Charges

There are several legal defenses that an experienced California drug manufacturing defense lawyer can build and execute on your behalf. Some of these include:

No Knowledge of Drug Manufacturing Activities

Drug labs are often concealed operations where California drug cultivation laws are violated, as well as other laws covering the use and purchase of narcotics. Due to the clandestine nature of these labs, which may be located in places such as mobile homes, garages, and sheds, innocent individuals with no knowledge of the drug manufacturing activity who are present at the time of a search by law enforcement may become subject to use or possession charges. However, these charges are less serious than drug manufacturing. A skilled drug manufacturing defense attorney can fight for the reduction or elimination of your charges if you are caught up in an unintentional association with a drug lab.

Illegal Search and Seizure

If law enforcement violates California search and seizure laws during the course of your arrest, regardless of your activity related to the manufacturing of narcotics per HSC 11379.6, the court should exclude that evidence unlawfully obtained from your case, or possibly dismiss your charges altogether. Illegal search by law enforcement can include entering your property without probable cause and/or a search warrant, or searching an area that is outside the scope described in the warrant.

False Accusation

Various reasons can lead to false accusations related to drug crimes in California. These include:

  • An eyewitness mistakenly identifies you as the responsible party
  • Anger or revenge on the part of another party
  • An attempt to escape criminal culpability
  • An unreliable informant or law enforcement officer supplied information to the court in order to obtain the warrant

Skilled Advocacy From a Los Angeles Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer

We understand the devastation that a drug charge and conviction can bring to you and your family. At Spolin Law P.C., we know how to protect your rights and pursue the most efficient method to defend you against your charges and the possible consequences they present.

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