Cliente de Spolin Law es Salvado de una Condena a Cadena Perpetua; el Personal de la Firma le Compra un Nuevo Traje al Cliente

Published on September 27, 2019

On Friday of last week a Spolin Law client won his right to freedom after months of advocacy by the firm.

The client had been in prison on a life sentence and would have most likely spent the rest of his life in prison. However, after Spolin Law filed, argued, and won a petition under new law SB 1437, Superior Court Judge Curtis B. Rappe removed the life sentence, resulting in the client’s impending release.

Because of the client’s unique circumstances, members of the Spolin Law team decided to pitch in and pay for a new suit so that the client finds it easier to land a steady job after release from prison. The client had been incarcerated for approximately 26 years before he hired Spolin Law to fight for his release, and during that time he did not have access to computers and other modern technology that has become common in the modern workplace. Various members of the Spolin Law team had interacted with the client and his fiancé over the course of the representation. The idea of assisting the client came from a strong desire to help him be successful in this new phase of his life; release from prison is not the “end” of his story.

Firm members who contributed to the $250 Men’s Warehouse gift card include: Marti Wise (case manager), Aaron Spolin (attorney), Alison Case (firm assistant manager), and Dan DeMaria (head of legal research).

Aaron Spolin was the primary attorney involved in the representation of the client, which included multiple written submissions, extensive argument, and a half-day hearing in which the judge heard testimony. The central issues were whether (1) the new law allowing for dismissal of the client’s primary charge was constitutional, and (2) whether the individual client showed “reckless indifference to human life” such as to disqualify him from relief. The prosecutor argued against the client at every step of the way and sought to keep him in prison with the life sentence. Mr. Spolin won on both issues (constitutional and individual) and successfully obtained the dismissal of the life sentence. To read one of the court filings that Mr. Spolin had drafted, click here: Court Filing – Spolin Law PC – Reply Brief and Memorandum – 8-15-2019 – Redacted.

The client, who was present at last Friday’s hearing, was emotional upon hearing Judge Rappe’s ruling. After the sentence was read, he turned to the multiple family members and friends in the audience, who appeared equally ecstatic that he will now have his life back.

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