Uncommon & New Laws to Reduce a Sentence or Challenge a Conviction: SB 1437 & CPL 440

Spolin Law P.C. has overturned multiple murder convictions and obtained other life-changing relief for its clients. While prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome, the below list shows some of the new laws or lesser-known options that might be available to an inmate.

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  • SB 1437 (California inmates)
    • Challenge a murder conviction under the “felony murder” rule.
    • Inmates who win SB 1437 motions usually are released and get “time-served”.
  • Article 11.07 Post-Conviction Writ (Texas inmates)
    • Article 11.07 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures lays out the steps for challenging a wrongful confinement after a conviction has occurred.
    • Some common arguments in Article 11.07 writs are “actual innocence” and “prosecutorial misconduct.”
  • CPL 440 (New York inmates)
    • CPL 440 allows for the overturning of convictions that were obtained in violation of a client’s rights.
    • Most common arguments are “ineffective assistance of counsel” and “actual innocence.”
  • Application for Commutation of Sentence (All states and federal)
    • A successful commutation results in a shorter sentence. It is typically based on the character of the client.
  • Writ of Habeas Corpus (all states and federal)
    • Federal writs bring a case into federal district court based on a violation of a client’s rights under the U.S. Constitution or federal law.
    • State writs of habeas corpus often involve evidence that was not put forth in trial.
  • AB 2942 (California inmates)
    • New law AB2942 allows the county district attorney’s office to recommend a sentence reduction.
  • First Step Act (Federal inmates)
    • The First Step Act is a new federal law that allows for an early release of federal inmates under certain circumstances.

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