Wrongful Conviction

Sometimes the courts get it wrong. The harsh reality is that innocent people spend years behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit; oftentimes more than any of us would like to admit.

Reports show that around 2% to 10% of those currently behind bars have been unjustly incarcerated. Unfortunately, New York seems to be leading the pack with record numbers of wrongful convictions in recent years.

Sources of Wrongful Conviction

Some common causes for these injustices include:

  • Official misconduct, which occurs when police officers, prosecutors, or judges abuse their power by illegally obtaining/withholding evidence, coercing defendants into giving false confessions, etc.
  • Witness misidentification, which accounts for around 69% of wrongful convictions. Humans are imperfect beings that may make mistakes in providing witness testimony to authorities. Other times, witnesses are pressured into falsely identifying an individual.
  • Misleading forensic evidence, which may occur because of a testing error or because unproven methods were used to obtain the evidence.
  • Perjury, which occurs when a defendant makes a false statement under oath that is used as incriminating evidence in their conviction.

Effects of Wrongful Conviction

Nothing can make up for the years wasted spent in jail or the missed opportunities, relationships, and life experiences that come with a wrongful conviction. At Spolin Law, we recognize that while we can’t change the events of the past, there are post-conviction remedies that can help our clients regain control of their future.

In the search for justice, our team approaches each case with proper diligence and determination to uncover the facts of the case and assess damages, all in an effort to help compensate you for the irreversible hardships you have suffered.

Get the Legal Help You Need

Aaron Spolin and his top-ranked team of wrongful conviction attorneys can help you find relief after being wronged by the New York criminal justice system. Because prosecutors and judges are reluctant to admit to doing anything wrong, appellate law is oftentimes tricky to navigate. You need a team that is ready to devote time and energy to your defense and has the legal expertise to handle its difficulty.

To learn about post-conviction relief options for your case, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Spolin Law P.C. for a free consultation. We are available at (512) 883-9831.