What Is SB 300

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Award-winning appeals attorney Aaron Spolin discusses SB 300.

Senate Bill 300 (SB 300) is a proposed law that would reduce the sentence for certain inmates convicted of murder. Specifically, it would allow inmates who are not the actual killer to be considered for parole release.

The law would attempt to close a large loophole in a different law called SB 1437. Senate Bill 1437 (SB 1437) allowed the dismissal of murder convictions for inmates who have been convicted under the “felony murder” law (see these articles to read about Spolin Law clients released under this new law and other new laws). Nonetheless, SB 1437 had not allowed for any relief to a person who had acted “with reckless indifference to human life.” Therefore, a person who acted “recklessly” could still have received a life — without — parole sentence.

SB 300 now would allow these individuals who acted “recklessly” to be considered for parole release.

Does SB 300 Apply to Prison Inmates?

Yes. If SB 300 passes in its current form, it will apply to California prison inmates. Because the law would apply to old cases, it is considered “retroactive.” The law specifically allows for a court procedure where the inmate could be resentenced and be given a lower sentence. Some inmates who have already served significant time they could be considered for parole immediately.

When Will SB 300 Become a Law?

SB 300 is currently in the California State Senate. For it to become law it would first need to pass by majority vote in the California Senate. Then it will need to pass by a majority vote in the California State Assembly. After that, the California Governor would need to sign the bill into law. If this happens, the bill will become a permanent law.

Laws Similar to SB 300

SB 300 is not the only proposal that would affect California inmates. In fact, there are other bills that have already become law and can help to reduce an inmate’s sentence.

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Other laws that affect CA inmates include:

  • AB 2942 — This law allows for the District Attorney’s Office to recommend a resentencing. Read more.
  • SB 1437 — This new law allows for the dismissal of murder charges on certain cases. Read more.
  • SB 1393 — This law helps defendants to get rid of certain types of prior conviction enhancements.
  • SB 260/261/1308 — These new laws increase the likelihood of getting parole if an individual was young when a crime occurred.
  • SB 620 — This recent law gives judges the power to remove firearm enhancements.
  • There are other new laws that apply to individual cases.

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Can These Laws Help You?

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