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Top Rated for Criminal Law

10 Best Attorney Client Satisfaction award 2018

Numerous magazines and publications have recognized Spolin & Dukes P.C. as one of the nation’s top firms for criminal law.

Numerous National Awards

Top 100 Trial Lawyers Badge

Lead attorney Aaron Spolin is nationally ranked by The National Trial Lawyers and has won numerous other advocacy awards.

Attorneys with Hundreds of Successful Outcomes

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The attorneys at Spolin & Dukes P.C. have been on the winning side of hundreds of criminal cases and have litigated matters up to the United States Supreme Court.

Sometimes the System Gets it Wrong.

Whether the law was misapplied, inappropriate evidence was considered, or biases clouded the decision-maker’s judgment, we believe in your right to challenge incorrect decisions.

At Spolin & Dukes P.C., we fight to correct the errors that prosecutors, judges, or other individuals have made.
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Appeal Errors in Your Case

It may be possible to appeal a conviction based on errors that occurred throughout the various court proceedings. A post-conviction lawyer can review the record for both intentional and unintentional errors and fight to reverse the decision.


Overturn an Unjust Conviction

Whether through actual innocence, self-defense, or a number of other circumstances, some convictions are unwarranted. A post-conviction lawyer can argue and advocate on your behalf to attempt to overturn your conviction or reduce your sentence.


Reduce an Unfair Sentence

There are a number of reasons why a sentence may be unfair, even if you are guilty of the crime. A post-conviction lawyer can determine which avenues of reducing a sentence you may qualify for and represent you throughout the process.

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Why Work with Spolin & Dukes on your appeal

  • We’re a National Criminal Appeals Firm Comprised of Experienced Attorneys.
  • We Practice in State Court and Federal Court, Including in the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • We Have Decades of Combined Legal Experience and Passionately Assert Your Rights.
  • You’ll Work Alongside Responsive Attorneys Who Will Keep You Informed.
  • We Focus Our Practice on Appeals and Handle All Sorts of Post-Conviction Relief.
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A fresh perspective for a new outcome

Our firm is entirely dedicated to appealing and overturning wrongful convictions across the county. Our criminal appeal lawyers are highly experienced and knowledgeable on the latest trends in criminal and appellant law. We search for the truth, find mistakes that were overlooked, and protect our clients from slipping through the cracks.

If you believe that you or a loved one have been unfairly convicted, reach out to Spolin Law. Let us assess the circumstances, and counsel you on your next steps forward.
5 stars

“He is a brilliant courtroom tactician. I’ve seen Aaron Spolin in court on multiple occasions, and he is truly a master. Nothing gets past him, and he is a powerful advocate for his clients. He is probably one of the strongest examples of how a great lawyer can truly ‘speak truth to power’ in a courtroom.”

Tomer Konowiecki, L.A. Attorney

Spolin Law - A Leader in Appellant Law

As a criminal law attorney, Aaron Spolin has achieved favorable outcomes in hundreds of criminal cases, which includes his time as a prosecutor.

Spolin Law P.C.’s founder, Aaron Spolin, is a former Assistant District Attorney and award-winning criminal appeals attorney. He is passionate about upholding the rights of the accused, having secured numerous successful appellant outcomes. With extensive experience in a wide array criminal appeals, from petty theft to murder, attorney Spolin takes pride in the knowledge that innocent clients, wrongfully accused of serious crimes are now free because of his work.

Attorney Spolin is admitted to practice law throughout the federal court system, including the United States Supreme Court.
As an authority in this extremely selective area of law, attorney Spolin has authored several articles on appellant law issues and is also the recipient of various awards for his advocacy, including the American College of Trial Lawyer’s Medal for Excellence in Oral Advocacy as well as Princeton University’s Lynde Prize. He is a “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” list of The National Trial Lawyers, and recognized as one of the “10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys” in California by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys.

Aaron approaches every client’s appeal with the same enthusiasm and compassion, making him a fierce ally in the harsh criminal justice system. For this reason, Spolin Law P.C. takes on a limited number of appeal cases each year and devotes significant resources to the comprehensive, full-scale advocacy of each client.

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Areas Served

Spolin Law P.C. serves clients across the nation.
California All state & federal cases
New York All state & federal cases
Texas All state & federal cases
Nationwide All federal appellate cases

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