Section 211 of the California Penal Code defines a robbery as taking another person’s property from them while using force or intimidation. A robbery can be charged as First Degree Robbery or Second Degree Robbery. First Degree Robberies include those that occur in another person’s home, on public transportation, streetcars, taxis, and near automatic teller machines. All other robberies are Second Degree.

Regardless of the degree of robbery, a conviction will result in serious consequences that can have a significant impact on your life. If you are charged with a robbery, do not hesitate to contact robbery defense attorney Aaron Spolin. At Spolin Law, we have a long history of success defending individuals facing criminal allegations. By using legal motions and thoroughly investigating your situation, we can compile a strong case that could potentially keep you out of prison. Call (310) 424-5816 to learn more.

Penalties for Robbery Convictions

In California, robberies are always charged as felonies, meaning a conviction can hold serious consequences. For a First Degree Robbery, the punishment can include up to nine years in prison. A Second Degree Robbery conviction can result in two, three, or five years of imprisonment.

Time spent in prison can place a strain on your personal life and relationships, but prison time is not the only consequence of a robbery conviction. Other aspects of your life may be affected as well. A violent felony conviction on your record may preclude you from certain occupations and can irreparably harm your immigration status. It will likely appear on background checks for the rest of your life. This is why it is so important to begin constructing a vigorous defense as soon as possible.

Defending Yourself from Robbery Charges

While being accused of a robbery may feel scary and hopeless, there are many valid ways to defend your name and reputation from the consequences of a robbery conviction. For example, part of the definition of a robbery in the law is that force or fear was used to take another’s property. If you can prove that the property was given to you without the use of force or fear, you may be able to use that as a defense. Other applicable defenses to robbery charges include:

Self Defense – If you felt threatened or defended yourself, you may be able to use it to argue for your innocence. If someone attacks you and you turn the tides on your attacker, you were merely defending yourself.

Entrapment – If a police officer guided you to commit a crime you would not have committed otherwise, you can use an entrapment defense. Police cannot encourage criminal acts and then arrest the people they convince to commit crimes.

Duress – If you were acting out of fear of harm to you or your family, you could make the argument that your alleged crime occurred under duress. This can be a convincing defense as it turns your story into that of a victim of circumstances rather than that of a criminal.

Mistaken Identity – If the prosecution cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were the person who committed the robbery, you may be able to use that as a valid defense. If there is enough doubt about whether or not you committed the act, you cannot be convicted of it.

A successful robbery defense will keep you out of prison. Attorney Aaron Spolin has a long history of successfully defending clients from criminal accusations. Spolin Law takes only a few clients every year and focuses on providing them with detailed and aggressive defenses. Call (310) 424-5816 to learn more about the defense options available to you.

Contact a Robbery Defense Attorney

The attorney you choose to represent you can make all the difference in whether you are imprisoned or get to keep your freedom. As a defendant in a criminal case, you are entitled to an attorney. Unfortunately, public defenders are notoriously overworked, meaning they may not be able to put in the time necessary to construct the level of defense you need. Private attorneys can control their workload, so they are able to dedicate enough time to learn the ins and outs of each of their cases.

Spolin Law attorney Aaron Spolin, a former prosecutor, is familiar with common prosecution tactics, and we will  use this knowledge to tailor a defense to your specific needs. If you are facing a robbery charge, contact Spolin Law today at (310) 424-5816 to set up a free consultation.

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