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LA Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Attorney

Spolin Law provides top-notch representation for clients accused of crimes and those whose civil rights were violated by government action. The firm is known for its outstanding record in court and its vigorous use of legal motions to strengthen our clients’ cases.

Outstanding Trial Record: Your best defense is a strong case at trial. Being represented by a trial attorney with a record of success can help at every stage of the criminal process. Learn More.

Suppressing Illegal Evidence: Law enforcement must follow the law if they wish to punish you for breaking the law. The Constitution requires that the prosecution not use evidence that was acquired through illegal action. Learn More.

Treating All Clients with Respect: Some people assume that anyone accused of a crime is guilty and also must be a bad person. That’s just not true, and we know it. We treat our clients with respect and dignity.

  • "I'm where I am today because of his work. Mr. Spolin was an amazing lawyer, and he got the best outcome I could have hoped for."
  • - Y.S. Former Client

A Record of Successful Outcomes

Attorney Aaron Spolin has been on the winning side of hundreds of criminal cases. He is a former prosecutor with experience handling a wide array of both misdemeanors and felonies, from petty theft to murder. He is also a recipient of the American College of Trial Lawyers’ Medal for Excellence in Oral Advocacy.

  • Former Assistant District Attorney
  • Princeton University, B.A.; U.C. Berkeley School of Law, J.D.
  • Successful outcomes on hundreds of cases

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  • “Every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. I fight for my clients in great part for this reason. The only thing stopping the criminal justice system from completely crushing an innocent defendant is the Constitution and a zealous advocate.”
  • - Aaron Spolin

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Strength at Trial is Your Best Defense

All criminal cases are fought under the shadow of trial. The ability to put on a strong case at trial will affect all aspects of the criminal process. When prosecutors fear that they may be unable to win at trial, they are more likely to drop charges, reduce charges, or offer a favorable plea deal. Additionally, a judge may dismiss the case at trial if there is insufficient evidence. And, of course, a strong case can lead to a not-guilty verdict.

At Spolin Law we focus on preparing each case for trial by:

  • 1. Thoroughly investigating all evidence and possible legal theories
  • 2. Hiring private investigators and expert witnesses when appropriate
  • 3. Filing legal motions so that no illegal evidence can be used at trial and
  • 4. Clearly and persuasively advocating for our clients to judges and juries
  • "He is a brilliant courtroom tactician. I’ve seen Aaron Spolin in court on multiple occasions, and he is truly a master. Nothing gets past him, and he is a powerful advocate for his clients. He is probably one of the strongest examples of how a great lawyer can truly 'speak truth to power' in a courtroom."
  • - Tomer Konowiecki, L.A. Attorney

Suppressing Illegal Evidence

Law enforcement must follow the law if they seek to punish others for breaking the law.

If police, prosecutors, or other agents of law enforcement break the law, evidence that was illegally obtained may be suppressed. This principle is necessary to protect the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. It is also necessary to protect all citizens from abusive and potentially violent government action.

The Spolin Firm vigilantly protects the constitutional rights of its clients. Each case is examined for possible illegal government action, and each constitutional issue is litigated and argued to the fullest extent. Successful motions will nearly always strengthen a client’s case and can also result in dropped or dismissed charges.

Examples of Illegal Government Action
Illegal Search
The police smash down the front door of your home at 2am to search for drugs. Without a warrant or other unusual circumstances, this is likely an illegal search.
Illegal Arrest
You are arrested because you are the same race as someone who recently committed a crime in the area. This is likely an illegal arrest.
Abusive Interrogation
While being interrogated, the officer forcefully tightens your handcuffs every time you maintain your innocence, and he tells you he will loosen them when you “tell the truth.”
Other Methods
Police tap your phone and listen to your conversations without authorization from a judge. This is another example of a Constitutional violation.

Legal Defenses That Prevent a Criminal Conviction

A successful legal defense will prevent a criminal conviction and result in a dismissal or a not-guilty verdict.

We vigorously investigate the facts of each case to discover and present all valid defenses.

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  • Entrapment
  • The criminal purpose originated with law enforcement
  • Insanity
  • Mental defect prevented you from understanding your own actions
  • Duress
  • You acted under threat of force from another
  • Double Jeopardy
  • You were already tried for this crime
  • Involuntary Intoxication
  • You were drugged or made intoxicated without your knowledge
  • Self Defense
  • You were protecting yourself with proportional force
  • Necessity
  • You acted to avoid a greater societal harm
  • Defense of Others
  • You were protecting others with proportional force
  • Unconstitutional Law
  • The law violates the federal or state constitution
  • Statute of Limitations
  • Prosecutors waited too many years before filing charges
  • Prosecutor Fails to Prove Case
  • The prosecutor has not proven your guilt beyond all reasonable doubt. (Includes defenses of “Mistaken Identity” and “Involuntary Act”)

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The earlier you reach out to an attorney, the faster he or she can act to protect your rights.

When someone is arrested, a lot starts happening in a very short span of time. Arrests frequently involve interrogation, a search of the suspect’s property, and questioning of witnesses. This is followed by arraignment, where the accused has to make important decisions that will affect the entire case. Hiring an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible is crucial.

Spolin Law provides 100% free consultations. Contact us to learn about how we can fight your case, the likelihood of success, what strategies may be appropriate, and what steps we can take to achieve the best possible outcome. You undoubtedly have questions; we have answers. Call or chat with us now.

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