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Spolin & Dukes Partners Co-Author Book on Federal Writs of Habeas Corpus

Published on November 21, 2023

Spolin & Dukes partners Caitlin Dukes and Aaron Spolin have co-authored and published a new book on federal writs of habeas corpus, a type of criminal appeal. Fighting Federal Writs of Habeas Corpus, now available for purchase, describes the strategies that attorneys can take to increase their chances of winning this type of appeal. The book is based on Ms. Dukes and Mr. Spolin’s experience handling federal writs throughout the country.

The following description appears on the back of the book:

After losing an appeal in state court, there is usually one last type of appeal available: the federal writ of habeas corpus. This type of appeal occurs in federal court and generally involves rights violations under the United States Constitution. In essence, the goal of a federal writ is to overturn a conviction or sentence and, ideally, win an inmate’s freedom.

In this book, two of the country’s leading habeas attorneys, Caitlin Dukes and Aaron Spolin, explain the ins and outs of fighting federal writs of habeas corpus. Based on their experience in state and federal courts, these former prosecutors explain the arguments, procedures, and strategies that are needed for a habeas writ to have a fighting chance.

Caitlin Dukes and Aaron Spolin are partners at Spolin & Dukes P.C., a law firm exclusively dedicated to criminal appeals and writs of habeas corpus. They currently handle appellate work for select clients throughout the country.

Book purchases can be made through

The authors, as well as the other Spolin & Dukes appeals attorneys, can be reached at (866) 716-2805.

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