On January 9, 2024, Aaron Spolin of Spolin & Dukes P.C. argued a complex and significant case in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals at the Richard H. Chambers U.S. Courthouse in Pasadena, California (USA v. Javier Durazo-Miranda; 22-50305). This oral argument proceeding was conducted after several months of work on written court submissions, including an Opening Brief, as well as a Reply Brief where Spolin & Dukes attorneys refuted the government’s arguments.

As can be seen in the recording of the court proceeding, Mr. Spolin used strong legal arguments and convincing case evidence, while also highlighting the client’s character and humanity, an approach frequently used by Mr. Spolin and the other attorneys at the firm. The Spolin & Dukes team believes that this multifaceted, yet understated, method encourages the court to not only evaluate the merits of the legal arguments presented, but to also see the client as a human being whose case is worthy of earnest consideration.

“I’ve heard time and again from my clients that the legal system makes them feel less than human, like they’re just a name or number on a piece of paper,” Mr. Spolin recently remarked. “I want my clients to know that they’re important, that they matter. And I want the court to see that too. The fate of someone’s life is literally in their hands, and I don’t want them to take that lightly.”

The team at Spolin & Dukes works in courts across the country.  The firm is led by Mr. Spolin, mentioned above, as well as Caitlin Dukes, a former prosecutor. To find out if the firm’s attorneys may be able to help with your case, or the case of a loved one, please call 866-716-2805.